MDC 3000

The casing has high resistance to atmospheric corrosion and made of 1,0 mm stainless steel sheet metal; some parts made of 1,5 and 2,0 mm stainless steel in order to achieve rigidity. Insulation – 20mm; • Compact design and low weight of the unit; • High performance at low temperatures and low relative humidity in a room; • Optional humidistat is available as an accessory; • Microprocessor based control (option); • Easy access to the internal components of the dehumidifier for the maintenance; • EC-fans; • Tubular electric heating elements for regeneration; • High efficiency of the washable silica gel rotor; • All components made exclusively by European manufacturers. 

In addition to above mentioned application, desiccant dehumidifiers are irreplaceable in: Protecting against window condensation and glass ceiling in the administrative as well as residential buildings. Elimination of the effects of the floods, drying new buildings. Increasing the shelf life of hygroscopic materials: medicines, detergents, building materials and other bulk materials. Maintaining the marketable condition of clothing and packaging items. Reducing the growth of bacteria, etc. Maintaining a low level of humidity during the production of food items as well as products made of wood, rubber and plastic, during the manufacture of furs. Improving the quality of the finishing works during apartment repairs due to drying without thermal movements in the covering products used for walls, floor and ceiling. TECHNICAL DATASHEET MDC 3000 / 3 TECHNICAL DATA DEHUMIDIFICATION CAPACITY Process air Rated airflow 3000 m³/h Available static pressure 200 Pa Reactivation air Rated airflow 770 m³/h Available static pressure 270 Pa Power supply (3х400V, 50 Hz) 25,5 kW Current 36 A Miscellaneous data Dehumidification capacity (at 20 ˚С, 60%RH) 16,2 kg/h Weight 285 kg Operating temperature -30/+40˚С Max noise level without ductworks 70 dBA Air filter EU4 IEC protective class IP44 Insulation 20 m
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